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ESL Clan War SkyWolF vs kou-team
Clan War
0 vs 0
garena room Proplay room 1
Today, 03/03/11 20:00 Moskow time
Boo 0--2 DayisHappy
p3rs 2--0 ranger73
Danke 1--2 сrazy

по сути мы не доиграли! но на есЛ нам поставили нечью и доиграть не дали!!!
Слава дебилам и админам!

As a matter of fact we haven't finished! But on ESL to us have put not whose and haven't allowed to finish!!!
Glory to morons and administrators!

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It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of sunseinh.

Drawn game! Have put on ESL

what ?

Странные судьи на ЕСЛ!!!! поставили нам ничью! angry

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